Friday, May 9, 2014

Citrix Citrix it's our brand!

If you have followed us on Twitter or liked us on Facebook, then you probably already know all about our love for our Citrix. We thought it would be nice to share some real life examples about the awesomeness that lies within our top 3 Citrix products: Sharefile, GoToMyPC, and GoToMeeting.


  • Beautifully branded web portal (and they will do it for you - for free!)
  • User permissions controlled by user and folder
  • Request Files feature (gives your client a link to upload files without having to log in)
  • Send Files feature (allows you to send files securely directly from the portal - can password protect too)
  • Ability to transfer large back up files that would have to be zipped for emailing
  • User friendly interface makes it easy for the less tech-oriented clients to use
  • Scale-able solution depending on your business size
  • Enhanced security available depending on your needs

One of my favorite things about this product is being able to setup a new client folder the moment they are signed on. Even if I am meeting them at their location, I can pull out my iPad and set up their file so that they can get rolling on sending me documentation. We have drastically increased efficiency by cutting out the time needed to sort emails, papers and remind clients of what we need from them. As soon as we shake hands we are able to put the ball back in their court. 

Room for Improvement: Mobile app could be 'robustified' a little for my purposes. This is the only place where the navigation is slightly lacking for quick and easy new folder setup and requesting files. It gets done, you just have to know where to look.

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  • Easy access from mobile devices
  • Dual monitors will display in the window when accessing from a single monitor or mobile device
  • Access to all computers on your account through one portal
  • Customize access credentials per remote computer
  • Remote printing (can use the connected printer at your remote access point - AWESOME)
  • Super simple file transfer from remote desktop to local desktop - can even transfer multiple files at once!

Do you like to go out of town without packing a laptop? Me too! Gone are the days of loading up half the office to go visit the in-laws for a week. No more dragging yourself into work sick to do a few things that have to get done. Knowing that you can walk away from your office at the drop of a hat and pick it back up at home is the best feeling ever - especially if you have kids!

Room for Improvement: I would like to see remote printing from my iPad!

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  • Remotely access client computers quickly 'on the fly' or scheduled ahead of time
  • Show your screen or the client screen to train or complete tasks
  • AWESOME iPad app allows me to log in remotely from anywhere
  • Can have multiple attendees for group training/meetings
  • Easy for a call-in client to be walked through 'joining a meeting' over the phone

Do you ever get that client who calls with a 'right now' problem? The problem that has to be solved right now, when you are driving down the road 30 miles away? I have started LOVING those phone calls! It is so awesome to be able to pull over, whip out the iPad, join a GoToMeeting and solve their problem on the fly. Not only are you the hero, but you just scored some rush-rate billable time on your leisurely drive home! (Disclaimer: Please don't Meet and Drive!)

Room for Improvement: Honestly I love this product so much that I don't even have a suggestion!

We would love to know what you are using and why you love it, so please feel free to comment below or tell us more at: