Tuesday, October 13, 2015

QuickBooks Connect and the NEW QuickBooks Online Certification Exam!

QuickBooks Connect 2015 is coming up next month in San Jose, and with that comes the opportunity for diverse training in the accounting community. This is the only QuickBooks centric event that combines the accounting and ProAdvisor community with both 3rd party app developers AND small business owners! Aside from the educational opportunity, the networking possibilities are endless. Complete with courses to suit all 3 tracks (accountant, developer, and small business owner), QuickBooks Connect adds on a top-notch slate of keynote speakers and a sweet after-party!

Over the next few weeks I’ll share the things that I am most excited about, but I want to start with the new QuickBooks Online certification training that I will be presenting on Monday, November 2nd, at QuickBooks Connect.

New Training Modules
The QuickBooks Online training & exam has been updated and overhauled this year. With the changes to the ProAdvisor program and the increase in ProAdvisors who only support online clients, Intuit recognized the need to beef up and streamline the training. The current training was geared toward the ProAdvisor community that existed when the certification was debuted, which consisted of ProAdvisors who were traditionally desktop users making the move to the cloud. Our new material approaches QuickBooks Online from the perspective of a new ProAdvisor while still incorporating relevant desktop concepts like product comparisons and conversions.

A New Exam
The module topics and content have changed, therefore the exam changed along with it! Like the 2015 exam, the new exam is still 5 sections, though the topics and order of the content have changed. There are now 15 questions in each section, leaving the exam with 20 fewer questions in total. You still must receive an 80% in each section to pass, which means you can miss 3 questions in each section. By popular request, there are now FIVE possible answers on this new multiple choice exam, making it shorter, but more rigorous for the testers. Many of the questions have been beefed up to test ProAdvisors knowledge of what to do in a certain scenario’s in addition to the navigational type questions.

What about your existing certification?
The current QuickBooks Online certification training and exam will be sunset on October 25th to my knowledge (a disclaimer just in case something changes J). The QuickBooks Online certification is good for 365 days and must be renewed to maintain an active status. This means that if you’re QuickBooks Online certified and your certification is due to expire before QuickBooks Connect, you should probably just re-take the existing exam.

Why should I take the certification training at QuickBooks Connect?
Because I’m teaching it, duh! But seriously, what better place could you think of to take training besides QuickBooks Connect where you will be surrounded by over a thousand of your peers and more Intuit staff than any other event? Live training events are the BEST way to learn, no matter your learning style. The ability to ask questions of those around you, your instructors and Intuit employees all in one place is an experience unmatched my any other event.  

Plus, I just might do a hula hoop trick for you...

Do you think you already know all there is to know about QuickBooks Online? 
Check out the QuickBooks Online Advanced certification courses being taught by Laura Redmond!

More info from Intuit about the New QBO Cert HERE

Some fun pictures from QuickBooks Connect 2014:

See you there!

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